Energy Meter to Boost Building & Construction Sector’s Energy Efficiency

Building and construction sector represent 36 percent of worldwide final energy use and 39 percent of the process related CO₂ emissions in 2018^1. These numbers have just increased since the 2017 report by 6% and 10% respectively. Overwhelming as these figures seem to be, the report nevertheless notes that “building sector energy intensity (in terms of energy use per m2) keeps on improving at an annual average rate of around 1.5 percent.” Be that as it may, connected meters, for example, Accuenergy’s high-performance and revenue-grade Acuvim II multifunction Power and Energy meters help to decrease this percussion by permitting accurate real-time energy information; enabling clients to acquire, audit, and visualize power quality – thereby improving energy efficiency and building performance.

Smart buildings integrate technology and the Internet to provide solutions to the age-old issues of squandering and inefficiency in building construction and use. Without a doubt, today’s building management system, which interconnects advanced energy monitoring and intelligent meters, have accomplished levels of productivity that were impossible before the growth of the digital era and scalable technology. For example, Accuenergy’s Acuvim II Power and Energy meter, permit accurate real-time energy data monitoring and empower customers to improve building efficiency while decreasing the impact on mother earth. The Acuvim II meters are also fitted with advanced communication modules such as Modbus-RTU, SNMP V2, PROFIBUS, BACnet, DNP3, and physical layer protocol RS-485 for data communication in the building automation system.

Sturdy Real-time Remote Power Monitoring

The Acuvim II power and energy meter family comes with built-in Wi-Fi with an option to opt-into AcuCloud’s cloud data monitoring software. It enables power-quality analysis and with an accuracy rate as low as 0.2% and with a broad measuring range for Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Frequency, and Harmonics; customers can see ultraprecise results for their energy usage. Also compatible with third-party meters, the AcuCloud software offers a breadth of opportunity to the users for the purpose of energy auditing and increasing building efficiency. (energy optimization, energy performance)

In commercial buildings, Accuenergy’s versatile portfolio of energy and digital solutions allows power monitoring and productive considerations, leading to better efficiency. The Time-of-Use (TOU) can be scheduled to avoid any peak utility fees and avoid overage charges during peak load times.

Another study done by the EPA in the US indicates that commercial buildings and industrial facilities are responsible for 45% of the US greenhouse gas emissions and generate about 50% of the US carbon dioxide emissions. A shocking 30% of the energy consumed in commercial and industrial buildings is wasted because of poor power quality. Some of the energy waste up to 15% can be reduced by practicing Time-of-Use (TOU) and power factor correction (PFC). Time-of-Use metering is a method of measuring and charging a customer’s energy consumption based on when the energy is used. PFC is a technique implemented to make the use of electricity more efficient; saving money and reducing heat and transmission loss in the environment.

When a piece of equipment or a power system has a low power factor, it will be demanding significantly more power than it is using. This demand results in higher electricity charges and increases the amount of energy required from the power grid to operate the same piece of equipment or the power system. Keeping in place the Acuvim II series power meters can help you:

  • Monitor the Power Factor
  • Increase energy efficiency. By optimizing the power factor, the power quality increases; improving performance and reducing unplanned outages.
  • Reduce equipment costs. An efficient power factor, nearing unity, permits the use of smaller transformers, switchgear, and cables which improves the reliability and lifespan of the equipment.
  • Reduce carbon emissions. Eliminating energy waste and overall consumption reduces heat and transmission losses on equipment and systems, which reduces the carbon footprint.

In industrial structures, Acuvim II 3 phase power meter delivers advanced monitoring of a power network to avoid blackouts and hence aid in the prevention of damage to the equipments like data servers – all leading to the uninterrupted operation of critical activities. Moreover, customized alerts enhance reactivity to likely events in the electrical system, improving operations, and permitting faster maintenance. All these peculiarities put together leads to increased efficiency of the commercial building management system.

Additionally suitable for use in data centers, the Acuvim II digital energy meter empowers vigorous power quality monitoring, alerting energy managers to possible equipment failure and avoiding circuit breakers from tripping or overloading. Acuvim meters hence cover the total customer experience, from planning and design to dispatching and execution.

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